1:6 Pilot


1/6th scale Jet or Heli pilots with realistic fabric jumpsuit and scale helmet. Optional accessories include parachute harnesses with metal buckles / fittings.


All of our pilots are perfectly proportioned and ideal for that scale project, be it a jet, heli, warbird or civilian.


Most of our pilots are based on a medium height and build, to ensure this is the correct size for you model simply compare the dimensions listed below with your cockpit. Seats and other parts of your models interior can make fitting the correct scale figure difficult, and in extreme cases either a smaller pilot is used or the cockpit is altered to suit.


Seated height: 170mm Shoulder width: 90mm

Prices start from £89.95 GBP

(standard pilot includes body with head and hands, green jumpsuit, jet helmet and oxygen mask.

Bodies are fully articulate so can be posed to fit your model.




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this allows us to choose the most appropriate options based on your model and scale.

Pilot Accessories



Jet Helmets


We have a selection of jet helmets, though there are a limited amount available.

Please enquire for further details

Heli Helmet

Limited Edition high detail

heli helmets.


Seatbelt Harness


5 point scale harness


Custom Patches


Custom patches for jumpsuits




Body harness


Navy Blue & Black jumpsuits


Optional Navy Blue and Black